There are more than skyscrapers and people in NYC.

I’m going to share a little secret with you. Even though I was super excited to spread my wings and fly to New York City last week (you know I don’t mean this literally), I was a little bit worried that a corner of my soul was going to shrivel up and die inside. I’m happy to report that trees, flowers, and squirrels do exist in New York City–and in a rather surprising amount. I’ve been getting my “green fix” by visiting several parks since my arrival. I spotted these little beauties in City Hall Park.

Where are my horticulturalist friends when I need them? I think these are alliums, members of the onion family!

I told my husband before I left South Carolina to send me pictures of my new daylilies as they flowered. I had a friend from Pennsylvania send the bulbs to me last year so for several months I’ve been looking forward to seeing what the plants look like as they bloom for the first time. Go figure, almost all of the buds taunted me for weeks and decided to start blooming after I left for NYU’s summer publishing course. I was happy that I got to see (and photograph!!) the blooms below before I left. I am anxiously awaiting for the husband to send me pictures of additional flowers as they open up.

Senior Joan Daylily

Senior Joan Daylily

Peach and burgundy daylily

I can’t remember what this one is, but if you’re really interested, I can find out.

I shot all of the featured photos with my new LG G2 instead of my SLR. Camera phones have gotten pretty darn amazing the last few years. Well, now that I’ve told you about my “green fix” secret, perhaps you can share one of your secrets with me. 😉