Even geese families take vacations.

Anyone who has spent just a bit of time around me or on my blog may notice that… well… I have a proclivity towards geese, chickens, errm, cats, lizards, raccoons, bugs, okay, well–any animals really.

So, imagine my happiness when seeing that my family and I were not the only family visiting the Statue of Liberty this week!

Look at those downy, teenage geese. Their parents must be so proud of the fine young geese they are becoming!

To the tune of The Little Mermaid song, Part of Your World.

I wanna be where the geesey are.

I wanna see, wanna see them waddling.

Strolling along on those, what’s that word again? Webbed feet!

Up where they walk, up where they flap, up where they stay all day in the sun!

Wondering free, wish I could be, where the geese are!

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Where the geese go, I shall follow.

I should feel guilty for so many geese posts, but I don’t. Geese make me happy, and we should all seize whatever opportunities we have to be happy in this world. I can hardly think of a better way to relax than listening to the quacks of dozens of babies during a beautiful evening in Central Park.

The Goose-pocalypse

Today was the most epic of days. The day to end all days. The day I will never forget–one that I’ll recall upon my death bed.

The day that I pet a goose.



After years of goose stalking, (see post here) I found one Canadian goose amenable to my loving advances. I just never knew it would be a yankee goose since I’ve always chased after southern ones. My husband better appreciate that I didn’t take that goose home because you have NO IDEA how hard it was for me to not just pick him up, squeeze him, and run. Trust me, I would have had it not been a bit unheard of to have a goose in a NYC apartment. He was the perfect candidate to make a pet though. He not only loved my neck scratches and back rubs but he was a loner who was grazing by himself away from the rest of his flock. I made him return to his fellow geese mates, though, before leaving so I wouldn’t have to worry about him being left behind.