Sass, Class, Wildlife, and Romance–What More Could a Girl Want?

Wild About Rachel by Blaire Edens

This is a gorgeous, eye-catching cover. Did you catch the alligator in the background?

Oh my goodness, there is a fabulous new contemporary romance that just hit the book stand this past Monday. Wild About Rachel by Blaire Edens kept me turning the pages (okay, e-reader pages) because I wanted to see what happened next. If you took one of the stars of Gator Boys, made him super hot, and gave him a sexy former-cheerleader-now-broke debutante to work with, you have a rough idea of the plot. Rachel, the main character, is used to wearing Prada and alligator shoes. She’s terrified of almost all wild critters, yet she overcomes this fear to not only make herself a stronger woman but also in an effort to pay off her mortgaged-to-the-hilt ancestral home. It doesn’t hurt that her boss, Mark, is a super buff guy that learned how to become a tough man in the army but still displays heart-breaking gentleness when taking care of his dying mother.

Even though it might seem like a giant leap to turn a waitress into an alligator catcher almost overnight, Eden did an amazing job of building character and keeping the story believable. I love how she also took the time to educate her readers by providing wildlife statistics, such as how many people a year are killed by sharks–a surprisingly low number. As I read the novel, I felt like I became best friends with Rachel. I wish there was a sequel to this story (perhaps starring Rachel’s best friend, Shelley) because I am not quite ready to say goodbye to this amazing group of characters. Their lives were so real and identifiable (hello, please pass that Chick-Fil-A), which is a refreshing change from reading about a bunch of lords and ladies.

I was given an advanced readers copy of this book by Entangled Publishing in exchange for a review, but I highly encourage everyone to go out and buy this book. Right now, you can pick up a copy of this classy romance novel for just $.99. Support this talented author!

Oh, and one final note. Don’t read this novel when you’re hungry. There is a dog named French Toast in it. 😉