About Sara Beth

Hello! Bonjour! Guten tag!

I’m Sara Beth– a southern girl with a love of all things historical, European and feline who is located in the wilds of New York City. I’ve been a book nerd my entire life, as you can tell by the thickness of my eye glasses’ prescription lenses. I began this blog so that you get to know me, how I think, and what I like. I’m a mix of quirkiness and seriousness, which I’m sure you’ll see in my posts.  Come and sit on my imaginary front porch, sip some sweet tea, and enjoy your visit to my online “home.”

Happy Book Reviewer for:

    • Entangled Publishing
    • Bethany House

I work for one of the top 5 publishing houses in the world, so you’ll also see me post about books that I am proud that my company published. But don’t you worry! If I don’t think you’ll enjoy it, I don’t write about it! I write (or don’t write!) about our books of my own free will. 😉

Professional Reader2016 NetGalley Challenge


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