What’s on your book list?


Who doesn’t like a little shape-shifting, sizzling romance?

There is one thing as a reader that you should never do: start a new book a few minutes before going to bed.

Last night, while waiting for my husband, I did exactly that. I innocently opened up my Kindle app on my phone and started reading Chasing Sam by Krystal Shannan–book one of the Vegas Mates series. I happened to stumble upon this e-book when it was featured as a free download from BookBub.

Chasing Sam

Chasing Sam by Krystal Shannon

If you enjoy a little shape-shifting and hot romance, you need to read this book. The first thing I did this morning upon rolling out of bed was grab my coffee and picking up where I left off last night.

I hate just giving a plot summary, but it is rather unavoidable when talking about a book.

Sam is werewolf nobility, and unfortunately for her, she has no choice who she is going to mate with when she turns 25. Her father has invited 3 men from other noble families around the world to participate in a mate hunt–an antiquated tradition that only noble families participate in in the modern age. Basically, whoever is able to catch Sam in wolf form and marks her as his wins the hunt.

Sam has absolutely no desire to mate, especially with someone not of her own choosing. She’d rather finish her medical degree and be a doctor. When she innocently returns home for Christmas, a brush with this handsome soldier in the airport leaves her inner wolf howling before she realizes she’s getting auctioned off to the strongest,wiliest wolf with a blue bloodline during her visit.

How will Sam get out of this situation and be able to follow her heart–or the longings of her inner wolf?

Why you should read this book instead of other paranormal wolf romances:

  • The inner wolf was more of a supporting character in the book. Instead of the characters just changing forms, the wolf actually had a voice and Sam was able to have conversations with her inner wolf. That added a lot of depth to the story and was completely unique.
  • There is no need for a full moon to shift. No crazy, rabid wolves either make an appearance in this story.
  • The family dynamics will leave you wondering, what will happen next?
  • Chase is HOT. I mean, who doesn’t want a lone wolf who has saved lives in Afghanistan and other wars that has a sweet, caring side?

The only con:

  • I wish it was longer. I would’ve loved a bit more after the hunt ended.

Not convinced to pull out your wallet yet? Well, good news:

Vegas mates

The complete Vegas Mates series collection by Krystal Shannon

Chasing Sam is FREE currently on Amazon, Kobo, and possibly elsewhere. After you get a taste for the Vegas Mates series, you can buy this book and the rest of the series (5 books total) for a special price right now on Amazon of just $6.99. If you don’t have a Kindle e-reader, you can download the Kindle app for free and you can read it on your phone just like I did.

The author also gives you MORE free ebooks if you sign up for her newsletter.

Now go and enjoy the rest of your Sunday with your nose stuck in a book. You’re welcome!