Nothing beats a man that comes with chocolate.

Carlson_Your-Hearts-Desire(TR)9781455528141Last week, I was visiting a part of the office we call the “take shelf,” which is a book lovers best dream and worst nightmare. It is an area where all of the extra ARCs and finished books from across all of my publishing house’s imprints go when they are no longer needed. It often results in me lugging home several new books a month, which means that I really need to get a second, matching bookshelf for my living room—like yesterday (hello Target, please get it back in stock)!

During my last sojourn to the take shelf, I picked up Melody Carlon’s sweet little book that comes out on January 5th called Your Heart’s Desire. I actually created some social media graphics for my company’s Center Street Facebook page to promote this title. When I was working on those graphics, I fell in love with the book’s cover. It is so retro and has an interesting clash of red and aqua that somehow works perfectly together. The soda pop shop makes me a little misty-eyed for an innocent, by-gone era that will never return again. I wouldn’t mind having one of those strawberry floats with a handsome, well-dressed man either…

Anyways, before I commence drooling, the story itself is as sweet and perfect as the cover. I felt like I had stepped back in time as I followed Caroline, a WWII widow, as she moved herself and her 10-year-old son across the country to California to begin a new life. In an era where most women were content to stay at home and raise a family (especially as jobs women had filled during the war were taken back over by the returning soldiers), I highly respected Caroline for the guts to leave a stable job to pursue a different, hopefully better life. I am not sure if I would have been brave enough to do so, especially with limited savings. Even though Caroline’s family thought she should get remarried if she wanted more children (since she was getting to be the ripe old age of 32), she found contentment in working and providing for herself and her son. Her dreams did not begin and end with finding a man so some major kudos to her! However, as it frequently happens, God brought her a man when she wasn’t particularly looking for one—one that came with an unlimited supply of chocolates on top of that. Seriously, how can it get any better than that?

I don’t want to give too much away, but you truly should read how this sweet romance between Caroline and her boss at the chocolate factory folds out. It’s one of those stories that I wish had not ended because I would have loved to have stayed longer in the world that Melody Carlson developed in Your Heart’s Desire.

Your Heart’s Desire goes on sale January 5th, 2016, but is also available for pre-order before that date. Get your copy today!