Oh, Dad.

Friends, since it is National Tell A Story Day, I’d thought I’d share one with you. This story began when a smart, bright, and beautiful bookworm decided to take an all-american road trip with her family, which is not something this lovely young woman’s family has done much of during her lifetime. After flying across the country, the bookworm, her husband, and her parents drove from Las Vegas to Denver, driving a distance of 1419 miles. Some of the highlights of the trip included the Grand Canyon, rafting down the Colorado River in the Glen Canyon, touring a slot canyon, biking in Moab, Utah, and so forth. They spent days looking at the dry, red sandstone mountains and monuments that make up Arizona and Utah before driving up into Colorado. After spending the night in Aspen, Colorado, the family woke up the next morning and took a short road trip through the meandering mountain roads to visit arguably the most photographed peaks in the United States–Maroon Bells.

Maroon Bells

Maroon Bells, Aspen Colorado

Maroon Bells and the lake at its base were quite gorgeous, but the family left to continue up the mountains to Independence Pass–the highest paved road in the continental United States, which many signs touted as “The Top of the Rockies.” The Colorado mountain views were stunning. Although it was only mid-October, snow had already fallen twice in the region and was clinging to the distant craggy peaks. It provided a colorful contrast to the golden Aspen trees and evergreen spruces that clung to the steep, rocky sides.

America's Scenic Byways - Top of the Rockies

America’s Scenic Byways – Top of the Rockies

After hours and hours of driving through the meandering mountain roads, the dad of the family started saying that he hoped to never see mountains again. The daughter just slanted her eyes and said something like, “What did you expect to see in Colorado?”

As the family drew nearer to their hotel in Denver, the dad, ever the talker in the back seat, started to try and remember this singer who used to sing this song…something about Rocky mountains. The singer’s name, John Denver, finally popped into his head, and the dad pondered out loud, “So, are we ever going to see these Rocky mountains that John Denver sung about?”

The daughter and her husband looked at each other in disbelief.

“Dad, we’ve been in the Rocky mountains all day. How have you not realized this?”

This daughter deserved to be sainted for her patience.



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