Canadian Geese walking through First Citizen's parking lot towards mall entrance.

Just Call Me Mother Goose

As a fan of bewinged, waddling creatures, yesterday was a pretty awesome day.

It started out with a need to get out of the house for a bit before settling in to work on cover letters. The Husband and I drove to Starbucks to share one of my favorite drinks ever–the hot pumpkin spice latte. Yes, they make you say “hot,” but really–who has ever gotten it cold? Anyways, I digress…Before getting to Starbucks, I looked over towards the mall and guess what I saw in an undeveloped, green field. Goosies! Yes, I know the correct word is “geese,” but when I see a flock of geese, I just revert back to childhood as I squeal and practically jump up and down in enthusiasm. I honestly always have to work hard to contain my enthusiasm when I see geese so that I don’t scare The Husband and cause a car accident.

After we got our pumpkin spice latte, The Husband and I decided to drive over to where the geese were and stalk them–I mean sit in the car and watch them. I couldn’t get nearly as close to them as I would have liked since I didn’t want to get in trouble with the mall security police for off-roading in a field. To my surprise, for the first time ever, I saw a completely white goose amid the large flock of Canadian geese. Seriously, this was a large flock people–at least 48 of those delicious babies.

Canadian Geese

The Husband and I sat there for about 20 minutes before I noticed that some of my babies were getting a little bit too close to the four-lane road that was heavily congested with five o’clock traffic. I have seen some geese get hit by cars where I used to work, and I definitely did not want that to happen to any of these babies. Thankfully, the geese chose to stay a few feet off the road with their beautiful long necks fully extended as they watched the cars speed by.

Unfortunately, my babies were not born with the largest brains since they then proceeded to do something quite, well, stupid. Much to my consternation, they started to walk across the field and into a bank drive-thru. As they rounded the bank’s parking lot and went out of sight, I told The Husband we should drive to where we could see them better. This gave me an awesome opportunity to look at them up close and honk out the window to them. Yes, I am not ashamed. I enjoy honking at the geese. As we parked our car again, the geese looked a little less than pleased to see we were so close. However, they proceeded to walk through the parking lot, heading directly towards the mall’s main entrance (a four-lane road with a landscaped center median).

Canadian Geese walking through First Citizen's parking lot towards mall entrance.

I watched my geese as they walked one after the other through the bushes, across the road, and into the median. Thankfully, incoming cars stopped, but you never know when someone will be careless or just mean and run them over. Sadly, the geese in the front of the line just stopped in the median, causing a goose jam. After seeing a few cars weave around the geese, I jumped out of my car, ran through the bushes, and what happened next was epic.

Picture a girl in faux denim blue Abercrombie lounge pants wearing a red long-sleeve Bank of America shirt. She stands by the road, raising her hands, and yelling “GOOOOOOOOOOO.” My white goose and a few others take off. I clap and wave and yell “GOOOOOOOOOO” again and all of a sudden, with a whoosh, the sky is obliterated with geese.

It was AMAZING people. I felt like Dumbledore or Harry Potter casting a spell or something. Drivers that were stopped at the traffic light ducked their heads as the geese barely made it high enough in the air to avoid hitting their vehicles. The car driver that was stopped in an incoming traffic lane waved “thank you” as her lane was finally clear of geese.

I quickly walked back to my car where The Husband was grinning. The first words out of his mouth was how he wished he had recorded that epic moment. Me, I was just thrilled knowing my geese were all safe, even though they probably hated me for scaring them.

After feeling charged up from my delicious drink, I spent the rest of the evening cooking dinner and working on a publishing cover letter with my ever so helpful side-kick, Aggy.

Aggy helping me write a cover letter.

Oh, and don’t judge me for what I was wearing yesterday. I had no idea I’d actually be getting out of the car and seeing people. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Just Call Me Mother Goose

  1. Tantei M.Gin says:

    I NEED more of your geese adventures! I am amazed I wandered through your site because of “related” posts. Hooray to your geesey adventures!

    • Sara Beth says:

      Hi Tantei! Your comment made my day! I’m so glad you enjoyed my goose adventures! I will endeavor to bring more in the future, if these beautiful creatures should bless me with more encounters. Thanks so much for following my blog! 🙂

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