7 Lessons Learned After Sleeping in an Airport

Recently, on a trip from New York City to Columbia, SC, I had the pleasure of experiencing five flight delays and ultimately a cancellation due to a line of thunderstorms moving across the southeast. Unfortunately, the next available Delta flight to Columbia was two days later, so after a quick phone call to Dear Hubby, I got on the next available flight to Charlotte. Sadly, the flight didn’t depart until late afternoon of the next day, so here are a few things I learned while calling LaGuardia Airport my home for over 24 hours.

  1. The one time you don’t bring your travel pillow since your flight is short will be the one time that you need it.
  2. Doesn't he look comfortable?

    He should be on Survivor.

  3. Always pack a foil blanket and a yoga mat. It makes sleeping on an airport air vent much more comfortable, and no one will judge you for looking like a toasty hot dog when they are sitting there uncomfortable and cold.
  4. If you see someone who looks homeless, follow them. They know the most quiet and private places to sleep.
  5. When the airlines start offering money to get passengers to get off of a flight, never take their first offer. Of course, this sage advice only works if Delta offers this for your flight. After all, what are the odds that they would offer it for every single flight but your own?
  6. Smile and be happy no matter how little you’ve slept. It serves as a nice reminder to those who are complaining about an hour and a half flight delay that things could always be worse for them in life.
  7. On the downside, if you look nice and normal, every parent will be sure to sit down next to you with their crying or exuberant babies, especially if they have twins. If you don’t want this, start muttering or talking to yourself.
  8. Before your next scheduled flight, make sure you add some ample padding to your bum. Whether it be from working out or eating extra ice cream, your tailbone will appreciate it.

I hope you’ve found this advice helpful. If you decide to use any of it, especially #6, please be sure to tell me all about it! 🙂