Cover Love at First Glance!


I saw Meg Moseley’s book Gone South in the library and knew instantly that I had to read it based on the cover (okay, and title!) alone! It spoke to me since I’m a southern girl with a love for historic houses (and historical romance books). I think the cover designer cleverly captured the mix of past/present with the woman dressed in a vintage dress worn over a pair of jeans. I could see myself switching places with the girl on the cover and moving into her family’s period home.

Have you ever seen a book cover that instantly made you want to read the novel?


One thought on “Cover Love at First Glance!

  1. Biswadarshan Mohanty says:

    The display of duality on this book cover does arise interest.It is rightfully said that a picture can speak a thousand words. One novel that I picked up because of the cover was “The Glass Palace – Amitav Ghosh”…it has a silhouette of the U Bein Bride in Myanmar. Myanmar is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

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